Under Your Own Steam

by Lost Colonies

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Recorded over 3 days at Sing Sing Studios Melbourne.


released April 16, 2014

Mixed by Adam Rhodes
Mastered by Bjorn Arntsen



all rights reserved


Lost Colonies Melbourne, Australia

5 Piece Indie/Folk act from Melbourne, lush harmonies and great songs.

Lost Colonies are: Cynthia Sear, David Scarr, Matthew Browne and Tim Steers.

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Track Name: Under Your Own Steam
Cos you've got a mind of your own
There is not a thing you couldn't do
In spite of adversity you can do it under your own steam

I always want my nights to be light
I never want my days to be dark
The child of a hope in me keeps pulling on my blue jeans

Your lights alright, alright?
My lights alright, alright!

Time wont track me down
Track Name: I See Ships
Tired Autumn leaves
Releave the trees
Leaves me feeling humdrum
I say I see sea
You say you see ships
My hands are in my pockets
Your hands are on your hips

Caught in the throws
Of endless ebbs and flows
Restless hearts in limbo
I say I see sea
You say you see ships
My hands are in my pockets
Your hands are on your hips
Track Name: If You Insist
She's almost done
She's selling her love
Her love half price
Waiting for a witness
To share those moments
That matter most

Her sails are caught in the wind of tomorrow
She missed the sun today
Her sails are taught with the wind of tomorrow
She missed the sun today

If you insist on holding the moment
You are never likely to solve this.
Track Name: Falling Seeds (Bring me love)
I'm leaving home and I've got no place of my own All at odds with the wind
As a boy I thought my life's ever green always turning around
Keep your ear to the ground thats what my father said
Find what makes you feel good and don't you let it go, keep it honest

I'm cast adrift high at a loss with myself, there must be somebody else?
The more I look, the more I see that there are people drifting like me
Time to roll up my sleeves and get me a flower bed
Sometimes you've just got to believe that taking a chance is good, regardless.

Bring me love
Track Name: Kittens
Come on now, I know its easier
But don't you go giving up, don't you go giving up
Some of what was tied up in our room
Is now sitting cold, cold on wooden floors

I don't know how this book of ours will write
But i've got hope, yeah I know we'll be alright
Summer is closing down, I feel a little low
Wont you show me the way to go home

I'm wise from the hidden agendas you've written
And the only thing keeping me here are the kittens
I've lost all my hours In turn gained some lessons
Still I don't know if your the one for my heaven
In keeping the daydream It wont change how I'm feeling
Clouds have been looming over ties that need healing